Magic Sunglasses

I was playing around a little more with the color palette used in the beach piece.

Come to think of it, this was taken at the beach. ¬†Okay, now all I can think about is the sea again. ūüėČ

Oil on canvas. ¬†8″ x 10″






Paul Gardner said, “A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places.”

A bit of coffee is left in the cup to grow cold while the paint on the page is contemplated.

How did we get here?  It is somewhat like I had imagined, but the mind only had a portion of the idea.  A pact to show up and interact with paints, brushes, light, Creativity has been forged, and this is what has come of it.

The Dreamer whispers, “Let’s stop here,” while the Censor scribbles out its list of questions.

Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″

woman holding dress oil 2016

Three complete, 362 remain.

This is inspired by a work in the public domain, but I can’t recollect the name! ¬†Edits to come soon.

See Sea

Two paintings down, 363 to go.

I am longing for the sea.  I daydream of waking in the early morning silence, wrapping a sweater around my shoulders, and sliding into my sandals with sleep still in my mind.  Only a few people are there in the earliest morning.  Birds are hopping in the sand and careening through the sky; the sun is just beginning to stir from its slumber under the waves.  I can hear the whooshing of the water and feel my hair blowing as I rest my attention on the shells at my feet.

Oil on Canvas Panel. ¬†8″ x 10″

My Degas Beach in Oil 2016

Originally Degas, pastel.

One and Two

There is something to be said about a good warm-up.  In life, it is often after this messy, naive, adventurous try that a little something clicks and one feels more organized and confident in a second go.  It could also be that one realizes the unpleasant truth that any attempt to chart new personal territory will, at times, result in a shit-show.

I wish I had snapped a picture of the first rendition of a recently completed painting.  I wadded it up and deposited it in the bin before it had a chance to linger.  Sometimes the first attempt can be saved with a rework, and other times it simply waters a humble spirit.

On day one of 2016, I began my first #yearlongproject. ¬†I knew a few reasons why I wanted to do it. ¬†For one, I had set down my drawing pencils for far too long. ¬†Secondly, I had witnessed the changes that consistent strides can make. ¬†In 2014 I ran my first half-marathon and found that sticking to the program could result in achieving a goal that at first seemed preposterous¬†for my more-turtle-than-hare self. ¬†In 2015 I ran another, this time without training consistently. ¬†As you might assume, 2015 didn’t go quite so well.

A professor I am studying under recently introduced this quote to my classmates and I:

“A small daily task, if it really be daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”

Anthony Trollope said this, and while I don’t know much about this man, I have respect for him for so eloquently and efficiently putting my experience into words.

I have, after some deliberation that I am still not sure can be trusted, decided to begin my #yearlongproject again here.  Today I will be posting a few of the first 26 drawings as an introduction to the project.  I debated if I should include them, but they were the first teetering steps in the journey, so here they are only as a reference.

From here I will be creating 365 new drawings. ¬†These drawings will be done in any medium I find exciting¬†when I belly up to my paper or canvas, including things¬†like pencil, paint, charcoal, or grass stains and crayons. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Some will only be a momentary sketch while others might be¬†more detailed works. I’m not promising that the work will be great; I am just promising that I am going to do it.


As we like to say in Pittsburgh, PA – Here We Go!


Music Man Pencil Sketch 2016Palette Pencil Sketch 2016Elephant Watercolor Sketch 2016Roses MM Sketch 2016Peony2 in Oil 2016Grizzly Ink Scratch 2016Giraffe Ink Sketch 2016