One and Two

There is something to be said about a good warm-up.  In life, it is often after this messy, naive, adventurous try that a little something clicks and one feels more organized and confident in a second go.  It could also be that one realizes the unpleasant truth that any attempt to chart new personal territory will, at times, result in a shit-show.

I wish I had snapped a picture of the first rendition of a recently completed painting.  I wadded it up and deposited it in the bin before it had a chance to linger.  Sometimes the first attempt can be saved with a rework, and other times it simply waters a humble spirit.

On day one of 2016, I began my first #yearlongproject.  I knew a few reasons why I wanted to do it.  For one, I had set down my drawing pencils for far too long.  Secondly, I had witnessed the changes that consistent strides can make.  In 2014 I ran my first half-marathon and found that sticking to the program could result in achieving a goal that at first seemed preposterous for my more-turtle-than-hare self.  In 2015 I ran another, this time without training consistently.  As you might assume, 2015 didn’t go quite so well.

A professor I am studying under recently introduced this quote to my classmates and I:

“A small daily task, if it really be daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”

Anthony Trollope said this, and while I don’t know much about this man, I have respect for him for so eloquently and efficiently putting my experience into words.

I have, after some deliberation that I am still not sure can be trusted, decided to begin my #yearlongproject again here.  Today I will be posting a few of the first 26 drawings as an introduction to the project.  I debated if I should include them, but they were the first teetering steps in the journey, so here they are only as a reference.

From here I will be creating 365 new drawings.  These drawings will be done in any medium I find exciting when I belly up to my paper or canvas, including things like pencil, paint, charcoal, or grass stains and crayons.  😉  Some will only be a momentary sketch while others might be more detailed works. I’m not promising that the work will be great; I am just promising that I am going to do it.


As we like to say in Pittsburgh, PA – Here We Go!


Music Man Pencil Sketch 2016Palette Pencil Sketch 2016Elephant Watercolor Sketch 2016Roses MM Sketch 2016Peony2 in Oil 2016Grizzly Ink Scratch 2016Giraffe Ink Sketch 2016


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